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30 March 2016

Berik Kaniyev, Chairman of the Board of Lancaster Group established and organized the first international football tournament dedicated to the memory of Nurlan Kapparov in Almaty city.

During the five days six youth football teams from Russia, Georgia, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan fought for the title of the strongest team. In their speeches during the tournament closing ceremony guests, specialists, sports veterans and friends of Nuran Kapparov noted high level of organization of the competition and thanked the teams for their participation.

Berik Kaniyev, President of Kazakhstan League of Children-Youth Football Zhas Kyran since 2015, said: “I hope that today’s completion has brightly resumed our new developing project, which will be an annual and international event. I’m very happy to welcome all children, who demonstrated a goodgame of football. We have seen good battles, tears, and happiness. These are probably the most important memories of any tournament that sees participation of children and adolescents. Therefore I would like to congratulate all children with the completion of the tournament, I thank you for your positive emotions, for the good mood you gave to us and to all votaries of football. Earlier, Nurlan Kapparov’s brother, Nurzhan Kapparov said that Nurlan passed away on the 26th of March and today, the 30th of March is his birthday. Today Nurlan would have been 46 years old. Maybe he can see us now and is happy to see all children who came here particularly on this day.”

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