Lancaster Group

Lancaster Group is a diversified holding company based in Kazakhstan. It operates across different sectors, in which it has established joint ventures with major international operators. These sectors include industrial infrastructure, oil and gas services, pharmaceuticals, logistics, financial services, media and hotel hospitality.



Kazakhstan is our Motherland. Love for the Motherland and care for it gives us strength, allows us to develop business and establish new business ties abroad.

Current projects

Tin One Mining
Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm
DSL Caspian
Standard Fiber
Caspian Jibek Joly
QZ Silk Road Logistics
Coti Limited
Sector: Oil Services

ERSAI is a leading contractor to the oil and gas industry in the Caspian, Kazakhstan’s major oil production region. ERSAI offers high-quality services in offshore and onshore construction, engineering, and the fabrication of steel structures for the industry. It also provides an array of logistical services.

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Latest news

The shareholders of the Lancaster Group through the Nurlan Kapparov public foundation, donated equipment for laboratory testing of sars-cov-2 (covid-19) to the Ministry of defense of the RK

In Nur-Sultan, based on the sanitary and epidemiological center of the armed forces, a PCR laboratory began to function.

Since the introduction of sanitary and epidemiological measures in the country, this is the second laboratory established in the armed forces. they enable the defense department to independently provide personnel with the necessary amount of PCR diagnostics, which is highly accurate.

In addition to tests for coronavirus infection, laboratory equipment makes it possible to identify more than 300 pathogens. Its performance is up to 150 tests per day. The waiting time for the result does not exceed 8 hours.

It should be noted that the laboratory was opened without attracting budget funds. Within the framework of charitable activities, the shareholders of the Lancaster Group Company, through the Nurlana Kapparov Public Foundation, donated to the Republican State Institution "Military Unit 64615" of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan equipment for laboratory research on "Detection of RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19) by PCR and kits for determining 2019 – nCoV by PCR in real time in the amount of 5000 pieces for a total amount of about 70 million tenge.

The government of our country is taking significant measures to combat the spread of the covid-19 coronavirus epidemic, and great human and financial resources have been invested. And representatives of domestic business also do not stand aside and actively use all their potential for the speedy elimination of infection and return to a normal stable lifestyle. Earlier, the shareholders of the company "Lancaster Group" supported the campaign to raise funds for the purchase of PCR tests for the determination of coronavirus COVID-19, initiated by the charity Fund "Sabi", allocating 110,000,000 tenge from personal funds.

The work of this laboratory allows for a wider coverage of the survey of personnel and their family members. First, those who are involved in measures to combat the spread of infection will be tested.

On the first day of the laboratory, Defense Minister Lieutenant General Nurlan Yermekbayev got acquainted with its equipment and working conditions of medical personnel.