Lancaster Group

Lancaster Group is a diversified holding company based in Kazakhstan. It operates across different sectors, in which it has established joint ventures with major international operators. These sectors include industrial infrastructure, oil and gas services, pharmaceuticals, logistics, financial services, media and hotel hospitality.



Kazakhstan is our Motherland. Love for the Motherland and care for it gives us strength, allows us to develop business and establish new business ties abroad.

Current projects

Tin One Mining
Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm
DSL Caspian
Standard Fiber
Caspian Jibek Joly
QZ Silk Road Logistics
Coti Limited
Sector: Oil Services

ERSAI is a leading contractor to the oil and gas industry in the Caspian, Kazakhstan’s major oil production region. ERSAI offers high-quality services in offshore and onshore construction, engineering, and the fabrication of steel structures for the industry. It also provides an array of logistical services.

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Latest news

Lancaster Group Kazakhstan JSC will purchase PCR tests for detecting coronavirus as part of a charity event of the

The shareholders of Lancaster Group Kazakhstan decided to allocate 100,000,000 tenge for the purchase of PCR tests for the detection of coronavirus.

Thus, the company's managers supported the campaign to raise funds for the purchase of rapid tests and test systems for testing for the detection of COVID-19 coronavirus , initiated by the President and founder of the Sabi charitable Foundation Asel Tasmagambetova and the co-founder of the Sabi Foundation Kenes Rakishev. The founders of the Fund allocated 110,000,000 tenge from their personal fund

Timely diagnosis of a new coronavirus is a vital manipulation that will allow you to detect the disease in the very first days and start antiviral therapy as early as possible. This, in turn, will reduce the rate of infection.   In this situation, social responsibility of business is a direct responsibility for the life and health of the population of Kazakhstan, which in turn coincides with an integral part of the corporate values of Lancaster Group. Therefore, the company tries to help its compatriots in a difficult situation and makes every effort to pass this difficult time for everyone, when the question is about the health of the population and the future of their country.

PCR tests for the detection of Covid-19 coronavirus will be purchased by the Fund and will be transferred as soon as possible to the country's clinical and diagnostic laboratories for free testing to the population.


About Saby Foundation

The Saby Foundation was founded in 2002. The main areas of its activity are the health of children and their physical development, as well as spirituality and access to education. Directing its activity to the most vulnerable sectors of society, the Saby Foundation is engaged in helping
orphans and children left without parental care, talented children from socially vulnerable families, children with serious health problems, as well as, having expanded the boundaries of their main goals, people with disabilities.