Lancaster Group

Lancaster Group is a diversified holding company based in Kazakhstan. It operates across different sectors, in which it has established joint ventures with major international operators. These sectors include industrial infrastructure, oil and gas services, pharmaceuticals, logistics, financial services, media and hotel hospitality.



Kazakhstan is our Motherland. Love for the Motherland and care for it gives us strength, allows us to develop business and establish new business ties abroad.

Current projects

Quantum STEM Schools
Tin One Mining
Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm
Standard Fiber
Caspian Jibek Joly
QZ Silk Road Logistics
Coti Limited
Sector: Oil Services

ERSAI is a leading contractor to the oil and gas industry in the Caspian, Kazakhstan’s major oil production region. ERSAI offers high-quality services in offshore and onshore construction, engineering, and the fabrication of steel structures for the industry. It also provides an array of logistical services.

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Latest news

The Lancaster Group company provided charitable assistance to children from the Shapagat Social Services Center by purchasing school supplies for them on September 1

The Lancaster Group company, as part of the charity assistance to low-income families, purchased sets in the form of school supplies for 60 children with disabilities on September 1. The main purpose of this assistance is to integrate into society, meet socio-cultural and spiritual needs, expand the sphere of communication and increase the creative activity of recipients of services of the municipal state institution "Center for Social Services "Shapagat".

The municipal state institution "Day Care Center for disabled children with neuropsychiatric pathologies of Almaty" was established in April 2012. By the resolution of the Akimat of Almaty city No. 3/3 14 dated August 21, 2020, the KSU "Day Care Center for Disabled children with neuropsychiatric pathologies of Almaty city" was renamed into the municipal state institution "Shapagat Center for Social Services" of the Department of Social Welfare of Almaty city.

The main goal of the Center is to provide high-quality and effective special social services, taking into account the individual needs of service recipients, to improve their personal development and social adaptation.

Assistance to children with disabilities remains an urgent task in the conditions of a modern highly developed society. In Department No. 1 there are families with two or more children with disabilities, low-income, needy families.

To give joy to children with disabilities, to support parents fighting for their child's right to life and happiness is a noble mission for every person!