Chronology of activity
  • Lancaster Group was founded in 2003.
  • A joint venture between Ersai and the Italian company Saipem has been established.
  • The Lancaster Petroleum company was established.
  • TOO Syrymbet joins the Lancaster group.
  • Lancaster Group acquires KazInvestBank investment bank.
  • A strategic partnership has been established with the EBRD and CVCI in order to complement the commercial banking platform to the service line.
  • Lancaster Group invests in Kazakhstan's RTS.
  • Lancaster Invest has been established in the field of private capital and asset management.
  • Lancaster Group invests in American Standard Fiber.
  • An investment firm in the field of hotel business - Alatau Hospitality has been established.
  • The first investment of Alatau Hospitality was invested in the Four Seasons Bora Bora project.
  • RTS Company forms a joint venture with the French JCDecaux and creates RTS Decaux.
  • Lancaster Group invests in the gold mining company Zhaltyrbulak.
  • Lancaster Petroleum is IPO'ed on the Kazakh stock exchange KASE.
  • Lancaster Group sell its share in Lancaster Petroleum.
  • Senko Lancaster Silk Road Logistics, a trade, economic and investment developer between Kazakhstan and China is established as a JV with Japanese, Senko.
  • The JV Sitek Caspian with Italian SITIE is established, providing electrical and instrumentation to the oil and gas sector.
  • Cape Caspian, a JV with Cape of the UK.
  • Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm is established as a JV with Turkish Abdi Ibrahim.
  • Azia Teniz Group is established to build accommodation for ERSAI, Cape Caspian and SITEK Caspian workers.
  • Lancaster Group invests in Kazakh mining and metallurgical company Vasilyevskoe.
  • Lancaster Group signs a management agreement with leading oil and gas recruitment firm JanDig-S.
  • Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm opens new state of the art production facility.
  • CAPE company leaves the Cape Caspian project, and its part is acquired by Actavo Group Limited, (United Kingdom) - and the project is renamed DSL Caspian.
  • Lancaster Group withdrew from the investment in KazInvestBank.
  • Lancaster Group has successfully withdrawn from the investment of the Four Seasons Bora Bora project.
  • The Caspian Jibek Joly company was established in the field of logistics.
  • Lancaster Group invests in the American biopharmaceutical company Ocugen.
  • Teniz Caspian was created in alliance with the British company ACTAVO and the Italian company SITIE.
  • Syrymbet LLP continues its activity as Tin One Mining JSC.
  • Lancaster Group buys their share in the Senko Lancaster Silk Road Logistics project from Senko, from this moment the project is called QZ Silk Road Logistics.
  • Lancaster Group, through BK Estate, is implementing a project for the construction and management of a business center in Aktobe.
  • Sitek Caspian leaves the Lancaster Group.
  • Lancaster Group in cooperation with BI Group has launched a project for the construction and management of a network of private secondary schools under the Quantum STEM brand.
  • Lancaster Group has completed participation in the Caspian Jibek Joly logistics project.


  • The project for the construction and management of a residential complex for industrial workers has been successfully completed. The stake in Asia Teniz Group has been sold.
  • Lancaster Group has withdrawn from the DSL Caspian oilfield service project.
  • Lancaster Group has sold its stake in the QZ Silk Road Logistics project, while maintaining partnership relations with the new owners of the company and the project itself.

Lancaster Group Kazakhstan bought 50% of ERSAI's stake from an Italian company Saipem and now owns ERSAI wholly.
And continues to cooperate with Saipem on the basis of contracts.