Chronology of activity
  • Lancaster Group was founded in 2003.
  • A joint venture between Ersai and the Italian company Saipem has been established.
  • The Lancaster Petroleum company was established.
  • TOO Syrymbet joins the Lancaster group.
  • Lancaster Group acquires KazInvestBank investment bank.
  • A strategic partnership has been established with the EBRD and CVCI in order to complement the commercial banking platform to the service line.
  • Lancaster Group invests in Kazakhstan's RTS.
  • Lancaster Invest has been established in the field of private capital and asset management.
  • Lancaster Group invests in American Standard Fiber.
  • An investment firm in the field of hotel business - Alatau Hospitality has been established.
  • The first investment of Alatau Hospitality was invested in the Four Seasons Bora Bora project.
  • RTS Company forms a joint venture with the French JCDecaux and creates RTS Decaux.
  • Lancaster Group invests in the gold mining company Zhaltyrbulak.
  • Lancaster Petroleum is IPO'ed on the Kazakh stock exchange KASE.
  • Lancaster Group sell its share in Lancaster Petroleum.
  • Senko Lancaster Silk Road Logistics, a trade, economic and investment developer between Kazakhstan and China is established as a JV with Japanese, Senko.
  • The JV Sitek Caspian with Italian SITIE is established, providing electrical and instrumentation to the oil and gas sector.
  • Cape Caspian, a JV with Cape of the UK.
  • Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm is established as a JV with Turkish Abdi Ibrahim.
  • Azia Teniz Group is established to build accommodation for ERSAI, Cape Caspian and SITEK Caspian workers.
  • Lancaster Group invests in Kazakh mining and metallurgical company Vasilyevskoe.
  • Lancaster Group signs a management agreement with leading oil and gas recruitment firm JanDig-S.
  • Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm opens new state of the art production facility.
  • CAPE company leaves the Cape Caspian project, and its part is acquired by Actavo Group Limited, (United Kingdom) - and the project is renamed DSL Caspian.
  • Lancaster Group withdrew from the investment in KazInvestBank.
  • Lancaster Group has successfully withdrawn from the investment of the Four Seasons Bora Bora project.
  • The Caspian Jibek Joly company was established in the field of logistics.
  • Lancaster Group invests in the American biopharmaceutical company Ocugen.
  • Teniz Caspian was created in alliance with the British company ACTAVO and the Italian company SITIE.
  • Syrymbet LLP continues its activity as Tin One Mining JSC.
  • Lancaster Group buys their share in the Senko Lancaster Silk Road Logistics project from Senko, from this moment the project is called QZ Silk Road Logistics.
  • Lancaster Group, through BK Estate, is implementing a project for the construction and management of a business center in Aktobe.
  • Sitek Caspian leaves the Lancaster Group.
  • Lancaster Group in cooperation with BI Group has launched a project for the construction and management of a network of private secondary schools under the Quantum STEM brand.
  • Lancaster Group has completed participation in the Caspian Jibek Joly logistics project.


  • The project for the construction and management of a residential complex for industrial workers has been successfully completed. The stake in Asia Teniz Group has been sold.
  • Lancaster Group has withdrawn from the DSL Caspian oilfield service project.
  • Lancaster Group has sold its stake in the QZ Silk Road Logistics project, while maintaining partnership relations with the new owners of the company and the project itself.