Oilfield service

Founding of the company
220 hectares
The area of industrial facilities (ERSAI Caspian Shipyard)
1000 tons
Crane load capacity

ERSAI was founded in November 2003 as a Kazakh company through the merger of the capacities of the Kazakh business Group EPC Holdings, which owns 50% of the shares (a limited liability partnership established in accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan), as well as Saipem International B.V., which owns 50% of the shares (ENI Group Company"), which has the vast global experience of the Saipem Group and the capacities and capabilities in the field of marine and onshore construction and installation works.

The registered office of ERSAI is located in Almaty, the administrative office in Aktau, the representative office in Atyrau, industrial facilities in the village of Kuryk in Mangystau region (the Caspian shipyard of ERSAI), located in the coastal zone, the area of which is about 220 hectares in Mangystau region, Karakiyansky district, Kuryk village, 70 kilometers to south of Aktau city. All the works performed by ERSAI were produced in Kazakhstan.

ERSAI carries out its activities guided by the international experience of Saipem, its technologies and standards obtained during the construction of about a hundred oil refineries, petrochemical enterprises, the construction of over sixty thousand kilometers of pipelines; the construction and installation of numerous platforms and support submersible structures. All this allows the company to provide services in the sectors of oil exploration and production, refining, storage and transportation of oil, as well as refining, distribution and marketing of petroleum products, through the implementation of projects of considerable complexity.

Today, ERSAI is one of the leading companies in the country, fully equipped with all types of metal cutting, chamfering, welding and painting equipment, as well as having a crane lifting capacity of up to 1000 tons, which allows us to provide a very wide range of services to Customers.


Module manufacturing

Technical maintenance

PBR / PUD Module Manufacturing


Self-lifting drilling rig

The Caspian Explorer barge drilling rig

Modernization of the castoro 16 barge


Installation of pipelines

Engineering, procurement, manufacturing of EP clusters 2, 3

The Filanovsky project

Modification of the island D drilling rig

Pipe overpasses

Piles and torches

Weighting concrete coating for pipelines

Connecting to the sea

Connection and commissioning