Mission and values
Lancaster Group is a private company that invests in assets for developing and developed economies to create economically and social values for its shareholders, employees, and society.
Kazakhstan is our homeland
Love for the motherland and caring for it gives us strength, and allows us to develop business and establish new business ties abroad.
The owners of the Lancaster Group have been close friends since their school years. Friendship and close relationships were the basis of their successful development, both personal and professional. The company's corporate culture values long-term relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Our relationships with stakeholders are based on the principles of honesty, reliability, and openness. Our long-term success depends on honest and open communication and maintaining high moral standards in all areas of our activities.
We aim to get the fullest satisfaction from the projects being implemented. We often give preference to small, but high-quality projects, since quality is the main requirement that we set ourselves when choosing new projects. This approach is implemented without exception and demonstrates our commitment to high quality.
We value honesty, decency and reliability in our employees and business partners. Our business and our reputation are very important to us, so compliance with high ethical standards is a key element of our business practice.
Social responsibility is an integral part of Lancaster Group's corporate values: we consider social responsibility to be a reasonable business practice We take our role in society seriously and help the regions where we work. Taking part in solving social and environmental problems, we support schools, medical institutions, sports, and cultural events.
People are the Lancaster Group's most asset