Investment Principles
We position ourselves as shareholders making strategic decisions that increase the shareholder value of our companies. We are not involved in the day-to-day management of our projects.
Professional management
The management of our companies should be one of the best in any industry. We select and employ professionals who manage our projects efficiently, competently, and honestly to meet the interests of shareholders as much as possible
Long-term evaluation
We are not traders. We encourage our companies to invest in the future: to acquire fixed assets and conduct research and development, to reconstruct production facilities, to optimize the financial structure. We invest our time in extracting the full potential of our investments.
We like to work in partnership. This helps to share risks, improve the efficiency of our work, and, with reliable partners, allows us to find new opportunities for cooperation. In most investments, we are looking for a strategic partner who will bring the best industrial standards and management skills, access to foreign capital markets, experience, and know-how. From our personal experience, we know that cooperation with industry leaders is the key to successfully realizing the full investment potential.