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Berik Kaniyev and Aidyn Rakhimbayev has opened the first Quantum STEM School

On September 1, 2021, the first innovative school of the Quantum STEM School network was opened in Nur-Sultan, based on the best practices of the best educational methods of education in Singapore and the United States.

On August 31, the school was visited by Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin, Deputy Prime Ministers Roman Sklyar and Yeraly Tugzhanov, Ministers of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov, Health Care – Alexey Tsoi, Akim of the capital Altai Kulginov, etc.


The first historical line of the educational institution was attended by first-graders and high school students, parents, teachers, as well as the scientific and pedagogical community of the capital. The solemn event was opened by the founders of the educational project Berik Kaniyev and Aydin Rakhimbayev, as well as the general director of the Quantum STEM network Bakhyt Ospanov and the director of the school Anuar Unaibekov.

The competitive advantage of the Quantum STEM network is the in-depth study of the disciplines of mathematics, science and engineering. Throughout the entire educational process, in parallel with the traditional study of academic disciplines, students master the Integrated Engineering Program, which will allow them to get acquainted with the main specialties in the field of engineering: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering. These courses are based on the methods of Project Based Learning (project activity) and Inquiry Based Learning (question-based learning).


Much attention is paid to laboratory work, applied classes in groups and the consolidation of English language skills in practice. Among other advantages of Quantum STEM School:


  • Teaching mathematics according to the Singapore method in grades 1-6
  • Conducting university-level subjects according to the requirements of AP (Advanced Placement) in high schools
  • Classes of programming and integrated Engineering program (Integrated Engineering Program)
  • Sports programming
  • Aircraft modeling
  • Development of mobile applications.

The competitive selection of students in Quantum STEM School was held from grades 1 to 11 with Kazakh and Russian languages of instruction. 1020 students started studying, which corresponds to 100% of the design capacity of the school.


A joyful event was the awarding of grants by the founders of the school to students of grades 10-11 for achievements in studies, sports and creativity within the framework of the "Quantum Talents"program. In order to become the owner of this grant, you need to have outstanding achievements at the school level in science (to be the winner of the republican Olympiad in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, computer science), sports (to be a master of sports in any of the Olympic sports) or creativity (to be the winner of prestigious creative competitions of international level).


And according to the results of the competitive selection, the winners of the "Quantum Talents" grants were:

For academic success, they became:

1) Daniel Sikhimbayev (10th grade) - gold in the Republican subject Olympiad in Mathematics;

2) Zhekebayev Olzhas (10th grade) - gold in the Republican subject Olympiad in Physics;

3) Tauekel Yerasyl (10th grade) is a space popularizer, in 2020 he passed a program at the main research center of NASA. Winner of prestigious competitions of scientific projects around the world.


For creative victories:

1) Alim Sarbasov (11th grade) is a laureate and winner of the Grand Prix of numerous international creative piano competitions in Croatia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

2) Abeldina Anel (10th grade) - winner of international and national competitions in piano and sports ballroom dancing in Israel, Serbia, Russia.


For achievements in sports:

1)Aidar Alim (11th grade) - candidate master of Sports in water polo.


In order to support children from low-income families, the "Quantum Foundation"program has been launched for students of other schools in Nur-Sultan. The school will additionally teach English, mathematics and STEM subjects during the second half of the year to 40 students from the capital who will pass a competitive selection. At the end of the academic year, 10 graduates of the Quantum Foundation program will undergo further training at the Quantum STEM School.


Teachers of Quantum STEM School have received professional training according to Singapore standards. In turn, methodological manuals, including interactive digital textbooks, are provided by the leading publishing house Marshall Cavendish. The school brought together 100 best teachers from among 500 leading teaching staff from all over Kazakhstan. Among those who passed the competitive selection are masters and candidates of sciences, graduates of the Bolashak program, holders of CELTA certificates.


The school's infrastructure is equipped with advanced technologies and equipment. In addition to classrooms, there are innovative laboratories in chemistry, physics and biology, recreational areas, workshops, a library, a self-service copy center, music and robotics classrooms, a multimedia room, a greenhouse and a photo studio. Special attention will be paid to educational work with children. In order to comply with the quarantine regime, an anti-COVID system is functioning in buildings. The project was implemented with the support of JSC "Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu" and JSC "Bank "Bank RBK".

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