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Jas Qyran has nominated a team to participate in the Kazakhstan Football championship among the teams of the second league of the 2021 season

The football center "Jas Qyran" has nominated the team of the same name to participate in the Kazakhstan football championship among the teams of the second league of the 2021 season.

According to the draft composition of the tournament participants, "Jas Qyran" will play in the conference "North-East".

This is a great opportunity with good prospects for the students of "Jas Qyran": playing at a professional level will give a huge experience. This news is the result of joint efforts: thanks to the infusion of the founders ' own funds, the guidance and knowledge of the coaching staff, the efforts and hard training of the guys, their desire to reach new heights and bright victories.

Famous former football players, current coaches with extensive experience:

Head coach-Alexander Kuznetsov
Coaching staff:
Kadyrkulov Askhat
Sergey Volgin
Oleg Trofimov
Manar Nuftiev
Azat Kurmanov

Earlier, Berik Kaniyev mentioned in his interview for Prosports.KZ: "The goal of" Jas Kyran "is to provide young players with a "springboard". Now we need to invest in children, their coaches and be puzzled by the main thing: so that the guys who reach the moment of transition to adult football do not remain behind, but have the opportunity to prove themselves. "Jas Kyran has started to build a pyramid of football development from the bottom and is raising it up, as it is done all over the world." Read more: 

We wish the coaching staff and the guys good luck in the new season!

Alga, Jas Kyran!


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