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The Kazakhstan Football Federation invited the students of the Jas Qyran Sports Center to the qualifying trainings

The students of the JAS Qyran Sports Center are invited to the training camps in preparation for the qualifying round of the 2021/22 European Championship, organized by the Kazakhstan Football Federation.

The head of the “JAS Qyran” project, Berik Kaniev, was happy for the guys and noted that he was glad, because in such a short time the center was able to educate players who are invited to the national team of the country! "This proves once again that thanks to the support of youth football and the improvement of infrastructure, my friend Marat Abdildabekov and I give the guys a chance to show and prove themselves - they can well become successful players of big clubs. In turn, the level of football in our country will grow and develop! " - Berik Kaniyev commented.

In the official invitation from the KFF, 4 surnames of the pupils of the JAS Qyran DYFC were indicated. This is Alisher Sovetbai, who will make his debut in the national team, being the youngest goalkeeper among the participants of the second League, where he has already made his debut. Alikhan Amir and Dilmuhamed Sain were previously in the U15 national team. Abdulayev Bakhtishat will make his debut in the national team. All these young men have already joined the first team of the Second League and will be among its main squad in the future.

Before that, 4 pupils of the “JAS Qyran” club were invited to the U19 age category, and a pupil from the women's team was invited to the National Women's Team. Now we have received an invitation to the U17 national team for the pupils of the JAS Qyran Sports Center. "This is a bold challenge for our guys and a chance to show what they are capable of. I sincerely wish them good luck! " added Berik Kaniyev.

Berik Seralievich also gave an assessment of the development of domestic football today:

"It is no secret that our country spends huge budget funds on the development of professional football and clubs, but at the same time, unfortunately, many clubs have football centers in a deplorable state. And as a result, Kazakhstan's football is on the 124th place of the FIFA rating, in comparison, for example, with the post-Soviet countries: Ukraine, which occupies the 24th place, Russia-38th, Belarus-89th, Kyrgyzstan-98th and Armenia-90th. And in my opinion, football players should be raised from a young age. This is not the shortest, but the most effective way to make Kazakh football better. After all, today's young men are tomorrow's football players of the adult League. The pupils of the youth football club "Jas Qyran" are already proving the correctness of this statement.

We must understand that until we all together develop children's mass sports and youth sports schools in all regions of our country, we will not be able to see sports victories, we will not be able to see sparks in the eyes of children and their desire to conquer sports peaks! We must help our children by creating all the necessary conditions for them! There should be at least 30-40 football centers like "Jas Qyran" in the country, in addition to football centers attached to Clubs. It is necessary to create and improve the infrastructure in each region, introduce systematic training, improve the level of qualification of coaches, and only then will Kazakh football develop at the proper level.

I would also like to thank the entire coaching staff and the management of the Jas Qyran Sports Center for their great work, which brings such good results! Thank you, Galymzhan Seralievich, Alexander Kuznetsov and all those who work and invest their knowledge and extensive experience in our guys! And I wish the guys a bright future and many bright victories! Well done!"



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