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Fizmat STEM for teachers-from August 11 to 13, 2021, a three-day training course was held in Nur-Sultan, organized by the RFMSH with the support of the Chevron company

The Republican School of Physics and Mathematics, with the support of the Chevron company, conducted a course of advanced training and professional competencies for teachers of natural and mathematical subjects, as well as school leaders. The three-day training course was held from August 11 to 13, 2021 in Nur-Sultan.

During three days, teachers attended master classes in the areas of project-based learning, facilitation of educational processes, change management in the context of teaching STEM disciplines, as well as the integration of science and art. More than 100 teachers from all regions of Kazakhstan took part in courses from experts from among domestic and foreign specialists in the field of education. All master classes were broadcast online on the RFMSH youtube channel.

The purpose of the course was to raise awareness about STEM educational programs and introduce the best international practices.

Within the framework of the program, sessions were held in the following areas:

- design of educational courses;

- project-based STEM training;

- types of leadership and school management;

- technologies in STEM;

- motivation tools in education;

- change management;

- learning foreign languages in STEM

Throughout the entire period, sanitary standards were observed to avoid infection, and a mandatory condition for participation was the presence of a vaccination passport or a valid result of PCR testing.

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