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Lancaster Group has supported Timur Yeleusizov's environmental campaign

Every resident of the city of Almaty daily witnesses the environmental situation, in particular, observes the smog hanging over the city, especially in the winter season. This topic remains relevant from day to day: the city administration is trying to solve the problem, there are strategies, plans have been developed to combat the ecological state of the air. Caring residents of the city are also trying to fight on their own and contribute to the protection of the city's ecology. So recently, the environmental campaign "Sosnovy Bor Almaty", which is aimed at saving polluted air in our city, made itself felt. The initiative to create a pine forest belongs to the deputy chairman of the eco-union "Tabigat" Timur Eleusizov. The organizers of this campaign plan to grow a pine park, which will create the necessary microclimate, make it softer and improve the air. When planting coniferous trees, it is taken into account that in the near future there will be places for walking and picnics in this park, and perhaps this pine forest will become another attraction of the city that will attract tourists.

Pine trees are planted in the Sayaly microdistrict of the Alatau district (near the auto center). The eco-union "Tabigat" conducted its own research. It turned out that Almaty has four times less green spaces than it should be in accordance with the norms of the World Health Organization, which significantly affects the air quality in the city.

Eco activists invite Almaty residents to participate in the project. Those who wish can help not only with planting, but also with the purchase of tree seedlings. Timur and his team have big plans and goals.

So, on January 26, the 3rd planting of pine trees took place, and the employees of the Lancaster Group company took part in this action, planting several pine trees from the company. We hope that, even if not such a big contribution, it will have a positive impact on the purification of the air in our city. Ahead of the management of the Lancaster Group and activists in the fight for the environment, there are joint plans and projects aimed at saving the ecosystem of the city.

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