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This year IZhO will take place at Fizmat Almaty from January 8 to January 14

This year IZhO will take place at Fizmat Almaty from January 8 to January 14. Every year, the Zhautykov Olympiad covers an increasing number of participants from near and far abroad: this year 570 children, 84 teams and 20 countries of the world participated, such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Denmark, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Sweden.

The Fizmat Almaty team took a worthy 2nd place, losing the victory to the guys from the teams of Bulgaria and Serbia. The third place was shared by the students of the physics School of Tbilisi, the Lyceum of the Belarusian State University and the physics School of Tyumen. The Grand Prix in the category "Best Olympic school" was awarded to pupils from the mathematical gymnasium in Belgrade, Serbia.

In the future Fizmat Almaty aims to expand the geography of participants, thereby increasing the level of development and competitiveness education among students. The uniqueness of this Olympiad is that it is held in three subjects at once among specialized schools of physics and mathematics. According to the results of the Olympiad, an individual rating was derived, as well as the rating of the strongest teams of specialized schools. Thanks to the status of the event-international, bilateral cooperation between schools from all over the world is developing, experience is exchanged in the field of education, in the organization and conduct of Olympiads, and interest in physical and mathematical Sciences among young people is increasing.

This year, it should be noted the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Sergeyevich Nikolayev. In his official page on social networks, he said that the departure of the Yakutia team to the Zhautykov Olympics was carried out at the expense of the canceled holiday Banquet for leaders and deputies. This action is worthy of respect, and we are pleased with the fact that today education and the future of young people are a priority! And we sincerely congratulate the team from Yakutia - the guys performed well, and took prestigious prizes, receiving 4 bronze medals in physics and computer science.

Within the framework of the Zhautyk Olympiad, not only students competed, but also teachers of schools within the IMPACT Olympiad 2020 (International Math, Physics, and Computer science Teachers and Trainers Olympiad). Command first place in this competition was shared between teachers from Metropolitan RPMS and Almaty NIS FMN. Such events greatly raise the quality of education, and we hope that our work will be justified by the victories and achievements of our children!

We wish all the guys further success and victories, and do not stop there!

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