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Lancaster Group has allocated 100 million tenge for the restoration of the city of Arys

In connection with the tragedy in June 2019 in Arys, Turkestan region, which suffered from explosions of ammunition on the territory of the military unit, the company JSC Lancaster Group Kazakhstan within its social activities decided to provide financial assistance for the reconstruction of the city, allocating 100 000 000 tenge from its budget.

From the first day, as it became known about the tragedy, the shareholders began to study the situation in Arys to assist in the restoration of the city. The detailed analysis of degree of destruction of houses, office buildings with departure of heads of the company to a place of emergency was carried out. Shareholders of the company represented by Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lancaster Group Berik Kaniev decided to allocate 100 million tenge for the restoration of the city and transfer these funds to the teams of builders of BI Group, restoring Arys.

Today in total 177 houses are under repair and 80% of works are executed: finishing of facades, installation of external doors and Windows, roofing works. Replaced by: 41 380 square meters of roof, 199 entrance door, 1 461 square metres of Windows and 19, 680 square meters of facades. Internal finishing is carried out.

BI Group operates in four sectors.

In sector 1, restoration work is being carried out at the expense of Lancaster Group and BI Group — 88 private houses. One house was completely demolished, as it was not subject to restoration, now a new one is being built in its place. 87 houses are in the process of completion of repairs. To be precise-in this sector 40 houses are restored at the expense of Lancaster Group and BI Group, 48-at the expense of the assistance Fund of the Akimat of Turkestan region. Nowadays the repair of 50 houses has been completed.

According to project Manager Mr. Sagitzhan Sakalov: "The first weeks were incredibly difficult-the thermometer showed plus 44-45 degrees. Our teams literally broke from Astana, Shymkent and Almaty. And still requests with hand inhabitants, which changed every day. And in a warehouse of it could not be, respectively, orders additional any materials demanded time and means.

Of course, we tried to help and please everyone, but because of the endless change of wishes, difficulties in communicating with the victims and upset people, the lack of design drawings, the work became much more complicated. Everyone's nerves were on edge. The test is not easy. Want to all his colleagues and contractors to say thank you for the hard work, patience and understanding, – says Sagitzhan, - I want to note the names of our engineers Kazhymukan Zhumaliyev, Magzhan Seydaliev, Sungat Shaymardanov, Aslan Zhusupov, Bahytbek Makhin, Sabit Burkhanov, Bibarys Makhambet, Adil Abdullah, Nurbol Nyshan, Nursultan Zhylanbas, Eradil Adilbekov. And all of our teams are composed of 37 engineers and 530 contractors. All as one work hard and solve problems that go far beyond their official duties."



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