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The pupils of the "My Win" team won 8 medals at the V Almaty Open Triathlon Championship Halyk Life Championship Indoor Triathlon 2022

On December 3-4, the V Almaty Open Triathlon Championship Halyk Life Championship Indoor Triathlon 2022 was held at the super sprint distance, which was held on the basis of the fitness club "World Class Almaty".

Indoor Triathlon is a kind of triathlon during the off-season when athletes overcome the distance indoors: swimming takes place in the pool, cycling stage - on a bicycle simulator, and running - in the gym. The championship was held in individual competitions: 300 meters of swimming, 8 km on an exercise bike, and 2 km of running.

On the first day, professional athletes of the U13, U15, U17, and U19 categories competed. 51 young athletes came to the start, who had to show everything they are capable of because their performance was closely watched by the Head Coach of the Almaty national team Maxim Mazur in search of hidden talents and identifying promising children in this sport.

18 pupils in different age categories participated in the "My Win" team. Our guys performed brilliantly, winning 8 medals for their MY WIN team.


Our champions and prize-winners:


Category U17 boys

1. Kanai Elmurat

2. Zeitullaev Eden

3. Rozybakiev Rufat

Category U15 boys

3. Shevnin Matvey

Category U15 girls

2. Karim Dayana

3. Feduleeva Daria

Category U13 boys

1. Alexandrov Fedor

Category U13 girls

2. Kanai Zhansezim


Here the motivation was completely different: everyone competed not only with rivals but above all with himself, testing his own reserves for strength.

Para-athletes Kirill Ilyukevich and Checker Smagulov performed with the amateurs, who showed an inspiring example that nothing is impossible.

Congratulations to the participants on a great end to the season!

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