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Pakhtakor has Won the Third International Tournament Commemorating Nurlan Kapparov

The finals of the Third International Soccer Junior Tournament took place at Jas Kyran Soccer Academy for Children and Young People. The competition was held among kids born in 2003 and commemorated Nurlan Kapparov, a prominent Kazakhstan statesperson.

Ceremony, sporting spirit and intrigue in the stadium all contributed to a special warm, comfortable and festive ambience. The fans on the terraces looked forward to the most interested matches among top soccer teams.
This year the following teams fought for the main trophy: Oblast Olympic Reserve School (Shymkent), Jas Kyran (Almaty), Dnepropetrovsk Higher Sports School (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine), Dordoy (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), Pakhtakor (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) and Orzu-2026 Academy (Dushanbe, Tajikistan).

Here are the results:
1 Pakhtakor, Tashkent
2 Dordoy SC, Bishkek
3 DHSS, Dnepropetrovsk
4 Jas Kyran SCCYP, Almaty
5 OORSS, Shymkent
6 Orzu-2026 SC, Dushanbe

Best goalkeeper: Klanov Iman, Dordoy SC
Best defender: Prometny Yaroslav, DHSS
Best midfielder: Kukeyev Zhanr, JAS KYRAN SCCYP
Best forward: Yergashbayev Abbos, Pakhtakor SC
Best player: Faizullayev Abbos, Pakhtakor SC

The long awaited final match was between Pakhtakor and Dordoy. The teams demonstrated well organized playing throughout the tournament. Special kudos to the teams for the tactics and strategy they used. It was an interesting match with numerous goals. Pakhtakor SC dramatically missed 2 goals, but eventually worn its gold medal of Nurlan Kapparov’s International Tournament with confident 4:2. Pakhtakor had four victories and gained 12 points during the contest.
Bishkek team won the second place with the same number of points as the result of their defeat during the final match.
The team from Ukraine and the home team fought for the third place. Dnepropetrovsk team was ahead with 2:0, but at the end of the second time relaxed and was punished for that. However, the draw 2:2 and gained 6 points lead them to the third place. The Almaty city team that played under Jas Kyran’s flag took the fourth place with its five points.

At the last tournament day the team from Shymkent defeated juniors from Dushanbe and took the fifth place forcing the opponent back to the sixth place.
Upon the final match completion we ask Dmitry An, the Head Coach of Pakhtakor SC, to share his impression.

“…It is the third time that we participate in this tournament. We come here to gain international experience and to play with strong opponents from various regions and countries. I would like to offer my thanks to the tournament organizers. All organizational aspects were at the highest possible level, catering and accommodation inclusive. We would be happy to continue our participation in this contest. It gives the talented kids an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.
– It is your third visit to Almaty. Has your team significantly changed since your first tournament?”
– The team is practically the same. The players have grown, become stronger and gained more technical and tactical skills. Our Academy has its own concept and system of training. We develop based upon such a system.
— Abvos Faizullayev, your club player, was recognized the best. The fans compared him with Arshavin and Messi. His playing was very vivid and his goals were beautiful. What is the secret of his strong individual skills?
— Abvosis strong both individually and in team playing. He has good physical coordination, speedy dribbling and perfect reasoning. We boost all these skills during trainings and give him special home tasks.”

Abvos Faizullayev, a player of Pakhtakor SC:
— I am happy to participate in such a large scale tournament. It is a great experience for me. We did our best to win and achieved our goal. I will not be complacent and will develop my skills to achieve all my goals!”
After the interview we asked Abvos to take a photo with Andrey Arshavin. Perhaps, the tournament best player will be able to attain the same professional achievements.

Rustam Kurbanov, the Head Coach of ORZU-2026 SC also commented:

— I have a great impression of the tournament. All its aspects, namely, catering, accommodation and organization, were at their highest level. I would like to thank the organizers for inviting us to participate in this contest. We have come to demonstrate our skills and to learn from others. Now we know where and how to move forward. Our results were not the best due to the team fatigue. Recently we have played in several competitions. Despite that it is a huge experience for us and we are grateful for it.

Kazakhstan soccer veterans came to the tournament final: Sergey Gorokhovodatsky, Dias Omarov, Kuralbek Ordabayev, as well as Jas Kyran SCCYP’s management, businessmen, politicians, Nurlan Kapparov’s wife and his friends. Andrey Arshavin also watched the final.

In VIP zone I had a heart-to-heart talk to Andrey. I will publish this talk separately at, unless Andrey prohibits publication thereof uncensored. Andrey commented the tournament as follows:

— Soccer makes everyone happy. I am glad to see the juniors play in such a great environment. This stadium offers comfortable space for the fans. I respect people who built it. I believe that Pakhtakor is the right team to win the tournament. Uzbek school has always been famous for strong Brazilian style technical skills of its players. My wish would be for the tournament participants and all Kazakhstan boys to love soccer and work hard.

Andrey Arshavin was very popular prior to the award ceremony and after it. He has his picture taken with everybody who asked for it.
— I have always said that soccer is sports, business, art, social phenomenon, an element of a national image at the same time, – noted Berik Kaniyev, the Head of Jas Kyran SCCYP, in his talk with the correspondent of
— However, it is a game first of all, that should make people happy. I hope that all the participants experienced positive emotions, socialized and found new friends. Young players demonstrated their best skills and the fans traced future soccer stars. Perhaps, in 5 or 7 years will be proud to say and the journalists to write about highly skilled players participating in our tournament in Almaty.

The tournament closing ceremony was held at Sputnik Stadium at Jas Kyran Soccer Center for Children and Young People with Berik Kaniyev, Marat Abdildabekov, Gaukhar Kapparova (Mr. Kapparov Nurlan’s wife), Kuralbek Ordabayev and Mikhail Gurman, Kazakhstan veteran soccer players, and Andrey Arshavin, a player of Kairat SC being the guests of honor.
“Dear friends, kids, coaches, teams. I am happy to welcome you at the closing ceremony of the annual international soccer tournament held to commemorate Nurlan Kapparov, a prominent Kazakhstan statesperson” – Berik Kaniyev, Head of Jas Kyran SCCYP spoke.
During his 45 years Nurlan did many good things for the nation and on social level. Today we again refresh our memories of him. The tournament was a success. The blessed memory of Nurlan will always be in our hearts. He loved soccer. Today we watched a fair fight. My congratulations to Pakhtakor. The team participated in the tournament for three years in a run and always was among the winners. My special thanks to the tournament organizers for wonderful atmosphere. I wish all kids success and well-being!”

Marat Abdildabekov, the Head of Jas Kyran SCCYP
“My congratulations with successful completion of the tournament dedicated to our friend and a prominent man. The tournament was a high level event. I am impressed with the teams. My special thanks to the teams who accepted our invitation. The players demonstrated high class soccer. Many teams think like adults and play frankly like kids. I credit this to coaches and nations. I appreciate the fans support. Best of luck to all!”

Gaukhar Kapparova, Nurlan Kapparov’s wife:
“I would like to express a huge gratitude from our family. Frankly speaking, it delights the heart to come here. It is wonderful that kids have an opportunity to participate in such a great tournament. I wish all the participants success. It is so great that you take sports so seriously.”

Mikhail Gurman, Kazakhstan veteran player:
“I believe that the kids will recall this competition all their lives. Kids, you are great! I would like to offer my special thanks to Marat Abdildabekov and Berik Kaniyev for this tournament atmosphere. No matter what team has won, it is important that all kids have positive emotions about this event.”

Andrey Arshavin, a Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation, a player of Kairat SC:
“Best of luck to all of you. Always remember that soccer is not just a game. Organization is of vital importance. It gives a great chance to you to communicate outside the field. My playing completes in a week. (Fan’s laughter at terraces.) The organizers did a great job! Let this tournament continue for many years.”

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