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On 3 November 2018, the first YPO Kazakhstan Young Business Leaders Forum took place in Astana

On 3 November 2018, YPO Kazakhstan Young Business Leaders Forum took place in Astana. The participating Kazakhstan business leaders shared their experience and cases with young entrepreneurs. This event was initiated by YPO Kazakhstan chapters.

Five Kazakhstan business leaders and YPO members and spoke at the forum: Mr. Kaniyev Berik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lancaster Group, Mr. Rakhimbayev Aidyn, a shareholder and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BI Group, Mr. Salzhanov Islambek, a shareholder and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Altyn Kyran Group, Mr. Siddique Khan, CEO of Globalink Logistics and Mr. Baitassov Armanzhan, the Publisher of Forbes Kazakhstan. YPO is one of the top global business leaders association. The forum participants were able to enjoy the stories of growth and development of major Kazakhstan companies, the speakers’ personal business experience and advice. It was the first time that five influential had a chance to share their history of success with Kazakhstan young people.

All forum speakers are members of YPO, a major global association of business leaders. Mr. Kaniyev Berik organized the forum. YPO is an international organization having 25,000 members in more than 130 countries worldwide. All business leaders who achieved their goals and demonstrated success can join YPO. This huge network platform is similar to a big family in each country.

Berik Kaniyev told his business story dealing with the foundation of Lancaster Group, a multi-industry holding established by Nurlan Kapparov, Yerbolat Dossayev, Berik Kaniyev and Yuriy Pak, who were in the first group of Kazakhstan businessmen who started their upon Kazakhstan gaining independence in 1991. They were friends at school and established a number of companies in 1990-s and in early 2000-ies. Later on, in 2003, they decided to integrate their assets, professional skills, business ties and experience in Lancaster Group.

Now Mr. Kaniyev Berik is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lancaster Group JSC. He is a member Young Presidents Organization (YPO) in Kazakhstan. He is engaged in numerous social projects. Mr.Kaniyev is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Republican Physics and Mathematics School Non-Profit Joint Stock Company, a co-founder of the school Alumni Fund and a member of its Board. Moreover, Mr. Kaniyev actively promotes junior soccer in Kazakhstan being a founder and the chairman of Arlan Soccer Club and the President of Jas Qyran Kazakhstan Soccer League for Children and Young People.

In his speech Mr. Kaniyev highlighted his advice to Kazakhstan young businessmen. Berik Kaniyev believes that money is not the key factor of a start-up. “You need money to launch a start-up, but funds are not sufficient” – he said. In addition to money a person starting a new business must be able to properly use them, to build a good team, to establish good environment for the team, to motivate the team and to remain motivated, to set specific goals to the team and to keep moving to the goal despite any failures and errors on his/her way. These failures and errors are sure to teach you to choose next steps.

Armanzhan Baitassov stated that in order to become a YPO member “…a business leader must meet certain criteria established by YPO. For example, the company’s turnover must be at least USD 10 million and it must have at least 100 employees. The members are expected to make annual contributions to be allocated to joint business project and Kazakhstan business infrastructure development. A businessman must also achieve a certain level to become an YPO member. Age is a critical aspect. No businessmen over 45 years old may join the organization.”

Hundreds of active marketing professionals start up owners and students had a great chance to hear priceless guidance and advice shared by prominent businessmen and to ask their questions. The speakers told about their first money, failures, obstacles faced by all businessmen.

When hearing about the forum one may inquire why successful people spend their time on this event. The answer is simple. Experienced businessmen know that a strong company may be built in a competitive environment only bosting personal development. They understand that the competition gets intensified on daily basis given modern young generation and the opportunities it has.

This view point results in the Forum perception of a strategic investment and a contribution to personal development.

The businessmen who took the floor are patriots with high social responsibility. They consider that motivation of young people is a prerequisite of successful development of the national economy. Young businessmen are also interested in this which fact was evidenced by the active dialogue during the event.

Over 2,000 people registered to participate in the Forum both in person and online. They clarified many business aspects. In particular, young people were interested to know the high potential spheres of investments, conditions of successful partnership, new business technologies as well as current trends, motivation issues and team building matters.

The Forum speakers gave thoughtful talks, shared their vision of a successful business structure and operations and advice based on their experience.

“YPO Forum is a unique event. Joint events with foreign chapters are conducted worldwide, but many internal meetings are not public. I believe that the knowledge and experience we have will help active young people build their own business. We are not trainers. Every speaker is a real successful businessman. Thus, the Forum is focused on sharing practical advice that can benefit real business.” – Aidyn Rakhimbayev said.

The Forum was a success. This was the business leaders’ contribution to Kazakhstan business development and to establish healthy competition and to support young colleagues. The real time feedback proves that young people are willing to learn and try. However, Mr. Salzhanov Islambek noted that: “The world is changing which calls for the change of business”. YPO Business Forum will become an annual event. The organizers promise to hold it in all Kazakhstan cities, but not only in Astana.

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