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The oldest Republican School of Physics and Mathematics in Kazakhstan in Almaty has moved to a new building.

One of the priorities of the state educational policy in the country is the construction of an innovative education system aimed at supporting and developing gifted children, and the activities of NcJSC «Republican School of Physics and Mathematics» are aimed at solving these problems. Currently, NcJSC «RFMS» is represented in the cities of Almaty and Nur-Sultan, where children from all over the republic are trained, selected by the results of entrance exams, as well as winners of International and National Olympiads. In these schools, educational programs are implemented that create conditions for the more complete development of giftedness, the maximum disclosure of the potential capabilities of the student.

The school building in Almaty was built in 1972 and very soon the school will celebrate its 50th anniversary. RFMS has occupied a niche of an elder among modern schools and is aware of its role in the development of the innovative, entrepreneurial, and scientific environment of our country and the region. In its formative years, the school was part of the Soviet space and nuclear program, and today it is a forge of personnel for the field of artificial intelligence and big data.

This year, a new school building was commissioned, which was designed and built-in accordance with the requirements for educational institutions. The building has a dining room with 300 seats, an assembly hall with 600 seats, and a modern sports hall. Thanks to the construction of the new building, an additional 350 student places were created. The public Fund «Fizmat Endowment Fund» financed the acquisition of additional specialized furniture, modern educational and laboratory equipment.

Berik Kaniev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NcJSC «RFMS», delivered a congratulatory speech at the grand opening of the new school building:

«It is often said that even walls are taught in the RFMS. The walls of a modern and beautiful building, I am sure, will teach even better. The new building, equipped with the latest technology, will enable young talents from all over the republic to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the seemingly unpredictable and futuristic 21st century.

On behalf of the RFMS Board of Trustees and alumni, I would like to thank everyone who built and helped build the new building. Thanks to all our partners Autonomous Organization of Education «Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools», in the face of Kulyash Shamshidinova Nogatayevna and Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the face Aymagambetov Askhat Kanatovich. Special thanks Bakhyt Ospanov, Khamit Kushukov, Gabit Bekakhmetov, Almas Kungozhin, Askhat  Karim, Anuar Unaibekov and others who have actively participated in the construction process. I express my deep gratitude to our teachers, who cannot wait to see not only the burning eyes, but also the smiling faces of children in the walls of the RFMS again.

This project was successfully implemented thanks to the coordinated actions of the school's Board of Trustees and the Public Foundation «Fizmat Endowment Fund».

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