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Jas Qyran Soccer Center for Children and Young People and Sputnik City Stadium have been Opened in Almaty (20.10.2018)

Jas Qyran Soccer Center for Children and Young People and Sputnik City Stadium have been Opened in Almaty. An opening ceremony of Jas Qyran Soccer Training Center for Children and Young People and Sputnik Stadium, an Almaty City legendary site that underwent renovation, took place on 20 October 2018. This momentous event was possible due to bilateral support of the Almaty City Akimat and Mr. Kaniyev Berik, the businessman who initiated this social project and simultaneously the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lancaster Group Kazakhstan Holding and the President of FLCh&YP.

This project is aimed at extensive support of Kazakhstan children’s soccer, training infrastructure development, professional development of coaches, identification of talented children to bring numerous football victories to Kazakhstan. The renovated stadium is designed to house 800 football fans under a suspended roof. The football arena has premises under its terraces. The soccer pitch has a drainage system and is covered with a last generation Italian artificial turf certified by FIFA. More than 500 young soccer players will be able to train at the stadium. Fifty coaches will work in the center.

Mr. Baybek Bauyrzhan, the Almaty City Akim, Mr. Dossayev Yerbolat, Deputy Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan, Mr. Dzhaksybekov Adilbek, the President of Kazakhstan Soccer Federation, and Mr. Mukhameduly Arystanbek, the Kazakhstan Minister of Culture and Sports participated in the event. Yevstafiy Pekhlevanidy, Alexander Zhuykov and Vakhid Massudov, Kazakhstan soccer legends and former Kairat Club players, were also invited to celebrate this occasion.

Jas Qyran Soccer Center is based on Almaty City Sports School No. 2, a famous Kazakhstan sports school established in 1964. During the Soviet era this institution, then the Specialized Olympic Reserve Sports School No. 3 was well known for its coaches, performance and graduates. However it was on the verge of liquidation during transition to market relations. In October 2017 Sputnik Stadium was in an advanced state of disrepair with its turf unfit even for trainings.

Jas Qyran Soccer Center for Children and Young People LLP has invested hundreds of millions tenge to this PPP project with the Almaty City Akimat. The main renovation and building works were commenced in June 2018 and were completed on time. Now old Sputnik is replaced with a modern soccer training center.

Mr. Kaniyev Berik, the Head of Jas Qyran Soccer Center for Children and Young People

My friend Marat Abdildabekov, I and all our team came here at the end of last year and were shocked – Berik Kaniyev recalls. Against all odds we decided to restore the arena on the basis of public private partnership and to establish a soccer center for children and young people.
We started with careful monitoring, completed routine paperwork, went through a difficult preparatory stage and at last we commenced construction in June 2018.

Looking at ruins of the Sputnik Stadium and at scrupulous stage-by-stage high-quality approach to all aspects of installation and construction works, certain pessimists didn’t believe that this project would be completed this year.

On behalf of Jas Qyran Soccer Center, I also express our gratitude to all our partners, namely the Kazakhstan Soccer Federation and Mr. Dzhaksybekov Adilbek, its President, the Almaty City Akimat and Mr. Baibek Bauyrzhan, the Almaty City Akim, to the Fitness and Sports Department of the Almaty City Akimat. Together we have shown and have proved that it would be possible to successfully implement a PPP project for the benefit of children, soccer, people and Kazakhstan. Our contractors worked hard. Many thanks to the construction team of Teckhno-Lux Company and Citadel that installed the artificial turf.

It is not the first social project for us, we love soccer and support children. This mini-soccer center complies with all European standards. Our main goal is to have children enjoy sports, become patriots and make all our parents happy and pleased with each played soccer match”.

Marat Abdildabekov, a former football player, told the guests about the restored arena.

– We are opening a modern soccer training complex certified by FIFA and UEFA now, – Marat Mukhtarovich noted. This Stadium houses 800 fans under a roof. It has comfortable administrative premises, changing rooms, offices, a standard field with modern drainage system and the last generation Italian artificial turf, sports grounds and improved adjacent territory.

I think that the hearts of all people present here now is filled with joy, including the veterans who worked in the school and were invited to this ceremony as special guests: Yuriy Pavlovich Buylov, Umerbek Rakhimzhanovich Bekposynov, Anatoly Andreevich Zhitkeev, Boris Vladimirovich Bazhmin, Azat Abdrakovich Nildibayev, Valery Vladimirovich Malygin, Alexander Malyshev, Boris Bessonov, Mikhail Severgin and others.

Kazakhstan media representatives witnessed happiness of distinguished coaches, children and their parents. The school graduates who successfully played for Kairat Club in the USSR Top League, in other clubs and Kazakhstan national team were also happy.

Those graduates included Sergey Volgin, Boris Dzhumanov, Sergey Burakov, Ruslan Baltiyev, Ali Aliyev, Renat Abdulin, Igor Yurin, Sergey Chekmezov and many others. Jas Qyran’s management and all its employees will be glad to see them in the center. We also hope that they will help restore continuity of generations and train new players for Kazakhstan soccer.

Simultaneously with modern infrastructure establishment Jas Qyran center commenced the development of a new soccer training system. Alexander Kuznetsov, a young future-oriented coach, has been appointed the center Sports Director. He has developed the concept and the development plan of this newly established soccer training center. Alexander has graduated from this school and Boris Andreyevich Tulayev was his coach. Alexander has researched modern projects and advised leading training experts from Europe. Considering own international experience gained Kuznetsov while working with Kazakhstan junior national teams a training program of Jas Qyran Soccer Center was developed with the focus on training smart, strong and technically skilled players.

There would be no future for Kazakhstan soccer without adequate development of this sport among children and young people no matter how much the state currently spends on foreign coaches and international soccer players. Our priority would be to focus on healthy generation fostering, identification of talents and training highly skilled Kazakhstan players to join Kazakhstan national team and professional teams both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Jas Qyran Soccer Training Center plans to create a soccer team from its graduates, i.e., to establish a soccer pyramid with a firm foundation and its own soccer club.

Today we are proud to tell that this PPP project of among the Almaty City Akimat and Jas Qyran Soccer Center has made happy boys and all Almaty residents who love soccer.

We bring to your attention a blitz interview of participants of the opening ceremony of Jas Qyran Soccer Center for Children and Young People:

Alexander Zhuykov, legendary veteran of Kayrat Soccer Club:

– Soccer will always be soccer!

I am glad to see the revival of Sputnik! It is remarkable! Now it is Jas Qyran Center. The best coaches have always worked here. I recall Victor Novotorzhin, Boris Lyakh, Tolya Ovsiyenko, Boris Tulayev, Anatoly Zhitkeev, and other experts worked here. I also trained at this school after my player career completion. I made a tour of this new complex and I am glad. This wonderful infrastructure is sure to make a huge contribution to Kazakhstan soccer development. I appreciate all the efforts of the people who implemented this project for the benefit of Kazakhstan soccer. It is very important that children play professionally.

Yevstafy Pekhlevanidi, a legendary goalkeeper of Kairat Soccer Club

– My congratulations!

I wish there are as many similar centers as possible throughout the country. I am very impressed. The complex has been changed dramatically. It is a great job. It is a huge success of workers and managers.

Alexander Malyshev, a famous coach:

– I have worked in this school for twenty-two years. Then it was the biggest school with a great history of victories. All best soccer players graduated from this school. In the 90th the school has lost its status. I am impressed with your job. It is a great asset for the city. I would great to have as many similar schools as possible. Children make our life worth living for.

Hamid Kushukov, the Director of the Techno-Lux Company:

– We were able to complete the renovation and construction of the project during a short time due to good financing from our customers. Together we restored the soccer center to such a good condition. We did it! I wish Jas Qyran Soccer Center to train many successful young players to become Kazakhstan “Messi”. Our President believes it necessary to build as many similar complexes as possible. There is no doubt that Jas Qyran is huge contribution to junior soccer development.

Nikita, a student of Jas Qyran Soccer Center:

– I like this center. It is incredible that I was admitted to this soccer center. I want to become a great soccer player like Artyem Dzyuba. I will try my best to achieve this goal. I will train hard. I hope that Jas Qyran will help my dream come true.

Azat Nildybayev, a famous children’s coach:

– It is a beautiful field. Our dream has come true! I think that we are obliged to grow up world class soccer players on this field. Perhaps, I won’t be able to take part in this due to my age. But there are many young coaches who will grow up remarkable soccer players. I wish them success and the best of luck!

Alexander Kuznetsov, Jas Qyran Soccer Center’s Sports Director

– My congratulations to Almaty residents, kids and their parents. Jas Qyran Soccer Center has been renovated. It is time to work consistently. We appreciate the approach of our sponsors Marat Mukhtarovich Abdildabekov and Berik Seraliyevich Kaniyev. They personally supervised the project implementation. Special thanks to the Sports and Administrative Departments who took an active part in this project launch. We still have to a long way ahead of us. We will introduce our new program targeted at coach’s development, training improvement and junior players skills upgrade.

Valery Belgibayev, Jas Qyran Soccer Center’s coach:

I have come from Pavlodar. I am very interested in this project. The project modern infrastructure is sure to assist the professional growth of trainers and kids. The complex offers all facilities necessary for successful kids training. This is a major project and I hope that it keeps the momentum. The center gifted kids and friendly team of coaches are sure to achieve the goals set by the management.

Bakhyt Yeshmukhambetov, a graduate of Sports School No.2:

I trained at this Stadium formerly known as Sputnik. I can hardly recognize this complex now. My words fail me. Special thanks to sponsors. At the age of 10 I lived in Kapchagay and came to play at this field. Many professional players trained here. I wish that the best Kazakhstan players are trained at Jas Qyran. It is such a special event for kids and us.

Mr. Baibek Bauyrzhan, the Almaty City Akim commented on Jas Qyran Soccer Center as follows as per

The city has transferred this facility for 15 years management. Huge investments have been made to this complex. The stadium with its terraces were renovated and a roof was built. The field complies with international standards. FIFA certification will be issued in the nearest future. My congratulations to parents of our young sportsmen. It is important that kids become respectable Kazakhstan citizens, patriots and successful people. I congratulate everyone with this wonderful occasion. Special thanks to Mr. Kaniyev for his loyalty to Almaty. He makes significant investments to the city. I believe that together we will achieve more in the future. My congratulations to Almaty citizens on this occasion.

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