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The fast and the furious. Almaty Marathon, the seventh international mass race, hosted by southern capital.

This year, registration fees of the participants will be channelled to the paediatric cancer hospice and two special needs schools. As reported by, the money raised will be used for construction of sports-grounds and purchase of sports equipment.

The marathon programme consisted of the traditional distances: 3 km (children of 10-14 years), 10 km, 21.1 km (semi-marathon), 42.2 (marathon), and 10 km of Nordic walking.

The finish and medal ceremony was held in the start and finish area in the Republic Square.

As mentioned before, this year Almaty marathon broke the last year record for the number of runners. Thus, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lancaster Group Kazakhstan, a patron of sports, frequent winner of golf tournaments Berik Kaniyev took part in the marathon for the first time (for the record, today, on 25 April, based on the conference of the Kazakhstan Football Federation held in Astana, Berik Seraliyevich joined the KFF Executive Committee).

“It was my first race, hopefully, it will become my annual tradition”, Berik Kaniyev says, “I like sports, good vibes and friendly relations. Almaty Marathon embraces all of these; it is a big holiday of sport.

“What was surprising to you?”

“Firstly, I should note it was organized very well, everything passed smoothly, with no hitch; there were more than 14 thousand participants, after all,

“How difficult was the marathon for you?”

“The location itself is convenient, though the route is not easy, as I have run for the first time.

“What distance do you usually prefer?”

“I started out in a semi-marathon. Indeed, I need some improvement – here is another motivation to participate in the next year race.

“What other distances do you think should be included in the programme?”

“I believe there are all types of distances. You just need to choose the right one”.

“You are an active golfer. How quick can you switch from the controlled pace on the course to nearly extreme conditions of the marathon?

“Actually, these are sports that complements each other. Golf is a peaceful and relaxing sport, whereas jogging and running are more dynamic. To the point, I left for the golf course right after the marathon (laughing).

By the way, Ekiden team relay observed the record number of teams – 99. Lancaster Group Kazakhstan team made its debut and finished the 26th.

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